Mochi Mugi Barley

Nutrient-Rich Pearl Barley that Cooks in Only 15 Minutes
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  • Everyone’s NEW Favorite Pearl Barley

    Mochi Mugi Barley isn’t your average pearl barley. We’re different because we care about your well-being in a way that most conventional grains never thought possible:

    • Greater nutritional value than other pearl barleys
    • More than 10 x the soluble fiber of brown rice
    • Ready to eat in only 15-minutes instead of 60
    • Available in convenient, single-serving sleeves
    • Delicious & versatile

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Quick-Cooking Pearled Barley | Your NEW Superfood

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What Superfood packs more nutrition than even brown rice?

Only the easiest food in the world to cook with: Barley!

When compared to conventional barley and other major grains, Mochi Mugi is an even better source of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber (Beta Glucan), which can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels, possibly aiding in weight loss. As Barley’s soluble fiber (Beta Glucan) has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, such health claim has also been approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). By simply adding Mochi Mugi to your favorite rice dish, you and your family will get tons of nutritional benefits while enjoying barley’s delicious flavor.

Isn’t it time you gave Mochi Mugi a try?

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