Buy Mochi Mugi Pearled Barley

Provide a delicious meal full of nutrients in the quickest way possible. Simply add Mochi Mugi pearled barley to your favorite rice dish, or replace rice altogether, and enjoy the rich nutlike flavor and pasta like consistency of one of the world’s greatest superfoods. 

  • Excellent source of insoluble and soluble fiber (Beta Glucan) which can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease
  • Even more fiber than conventional barley which regulates blood sugar promoting weight loss
  • Similar protein content to quinoa, but with more beneficial fiber.
  • Lower in carbohydrate than White or Brown rice alone
  • Shorter cook time than conventional barley, pairs well with rice

With all this nutrition rolled into an easy to cook packet, isn’t it time you gave Mochi Mugi a try today?